we are niteowl

we are niteowl

Digital Marketing For Everyone


We love what we do. Helping businesses succeed is our passion, and we wouldn’t prefer to be doing anything else.

Except maybe margaritas on the beach?


Dialing in our design and development to suit a specific audience and need is what we do. We can help you reach your target market with great precision.


Timelines, languages, and more. We’re a flexible company that is willing to work under most circumstances with our clients. Becoming part of our family is important to us, and we like to show that to our clients.

About us

Web – Graphic – Social

As a digital marketing company located in Peterborough Ontario, we have had many opportunities to work with great brands not just locally but all over the world from the UK, United States and Australia.


Creative team

We are a fun mix of designers and strategists with a great passion for all things creative.

Join the team
Nick Burd
Owner / Manager
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Alexandra Tanner
Graphic Designer
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Brandon Clement
Jr. Front-end Developer
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Wayne Furguson
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Brandon Slavik
Social Media Manager
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April Scott-Clarke
Content Development Specialist
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Blog posts

From time to time we have some thoughts… Not often but it happens, so we write them down here.

16 May 2016

Make Your Words Work

Research shows you only have 10 to 20 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention once they get to your website. If you manage to reel them in, they only have time to read one quarter of what’s on the page. Does that make you nervous? If your website says something like “We are professionals that […]

21 March 2016

Online Marketing: Catch The Wave, Make It Last

It’s here. It has been for a while but there are still a few people who seem to be struggling to stay on top. The rush to the top of the wave can take time, but with a strong steady stance you can get there and hang ten! We’re talking about online marketing. You may not […]

16 March 2016

Branding and Making A Good First Impression

Welcome to 2016 where the the majority of your audience is judging you based on how attractive your branding and design is. The first thing a visitor notices when they go to your website is the design, colours, and flow. You have three seconds to attract a visitor, otherwise they’re quite likely to move on […]

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We Are Niteowl

As a smaller agency we have learnt to work well with each other and rely on things being done in a timely manner. Ask us about our 30 day delivery on smaller projects!


Deadlines are important!

Our award winning graphic and web design services are sure to get you noticed and help you stand out among the crowd. You only have a couple seconds to capture your audiences attention, so let us help you maximize your chances of being chosen!

Our design skills will help your brand speak to your target audience!

A strong framework and development platform are the legs of every website and web application to come out of Niteowl Creative. With our team of developers, you can count on us to deliver safe and secure applications, websites and web solutions.

Above all, Niteowl is a creative agency who can be trusted with your digital marketing. We love helping our clients succeed and get noticed.

For us, it’s about making you happy. Let us show you what we’re capable of.

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