Web Consulting

From the initial ideas to a fully functioning and designed web-site. Consultancy, design & development. Niteowl Creative is a well versed in the processes and knowledge involved with building your web presence from beginning to end. As a service we think that web consulting is important. We can guide you in what is important, follow your project, give insights, optimize your teams, give pointers on UX / UI design, social media usage and more.

The following packages are available for web consulting:


Hourly Rates

This is for any work that needs to be done at an hourly cost. This could include overages from the retainer to small jobs that don’t require a larger process.


Business Retainer (3 months minimum)

This provides a client with up to 20 hours of work per month. This could range from overseeing how a project is going to how the current internal structure is set up.

This option provides clients with tools, services and insights on how to optimize their teams.


Site Review

For clients that are looking to get a new site built or figure out what currently needs to be done to improve conversions. A site review will take into consideration SEO, navigation structure, UX design, social media usage and more.


Campaign Involvement

If you are looking to launch a campaign to promote your business, this package provides ideas, execution ideas, technology mediums and more. The goal is to ensure that the campaign reaches it’s ultimate potential.

This option includes persuasion techniques that will provide a competitive edge against competitors.


More Information

More information is always available. If you’re a bit nervous about the commitment, or curious about what exactly is involved we are available to speak to. We are here to help you feel comfortable with your decisions, and that is the main aspect of our consulting service. Our clients are important to us, so please contact us for more information.