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use images with blog posts
27 Nov 2017

If you have a blog on your website, it’s probably designed to have an image to go along with every post. Do you make use of that feature? You should. Here are the top reasons why you need to include visuals with, and throughout, your pages and posts. 1. Images generate interest An image is […]

good web design
13 Oct 2017

Good web design is like good beer. The first impression with any beer — despite what brewmasters might think — has nothing to do with the beer itself. People first notice the packaging and design. If you’re looking to try something new and you see a funky can or bottle with an intriguing logo, chances […]

13 Jun 2017

Potential clients ask us “Why should I pay you to build a website when there are so many free website builders available?” Here’s what we tell them. 1. SEO One of the biggest benefits a custom website provides is search engine optimization (SEO). Free website builders like Wix, Weebly, IM Creator, etc. give you limited […]

12 May 2017

Technology has made us super impatient. We want things done now. Yesterday, really. When it comes to launching or relaunching your sparkly, new website it can feel like yesterday isn’t fast enough — are we right? As the creators of those sites, we want projects to move along quickly as well. Here are three insider […]

4 ways to improve your websites usability
19 Sep 2016

People go to websites to find information, and your website is no different. People want to learn about your business and if they can find what they are looking for, they will either hire you/buy your product or get in touch for more information. That means your website needs to be user-friendly and provide people […]

subscription pricing
09 Jun 2016

It happens from time to time. We have a few good ideas here and there, so we decided that we would share one with you. Subscription pricing for small businesses. We have dealt first hand with our marketing and the marketing of dozens of other clients for the past couple years. The one thing that […]

Is Your Website A Relic?
31 May 2016

The modern internet was born in 1995-ish (as per Wikipedia). By 2000, you were nobody if you didn’t have a website. Those were the days of splash/intro pages and Flash. Remember those clunky landing pages that made users work to get into your site? Or those awesomely customized Flash sites that took almost a minute […]

Make Your Words Work
16 May 2016

Research shows you only have 10 to 20 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention once they get to your website. If you manage to reel them in, they only have time to read one quarter of what’s on the page. Does that make you nervous? If your website says something like “We are professionals that […]

Online Marketing
21 Mar 2016

It’s here. It has been for a while but there are still a few people who seem to be struggling to stay on top. The rush to the top of the wave can take time, but with a strong steady stance you can get there and hang ten! Let’s talk online marketing. We’re talking about […]

Branding First Impressions
16 Mar 2016

Welcome to 2016 where the the majority of your audience is judging you based on how attractive your branding and design is. The first thing a visitor notices when they go to your website is the design, colours, and flow. You have three seconds to attract a visitor, otherwise they’re quite likely to move on […]