01 Sep 2016

Show your business some love: use pro photos

Here are some facts for you: 80% of potential customers will check out your website before conducting business with you. When they get to your website, the images are the first thing they will notice. This is when they will decide delve deeper into your website — see what products you offer, find out who works there — or when they will leave.

Good photos matter. And by “good” we mean professional. There is a big difference between a good amateur photo and a good professional photo. Just take a look through your smartphone pictures and then go look at someone’s wedding album. See the difference?

Set the tone
Professional photography for your website sets the tone for your business. It says, “Hey, I’ve got a solid business and I’m proud to show it off.” When you skimp out on photography and images, it makes people think your business doesn’t have a solid footing. That you didn’t want to invest in your marketing because, well…you just aren’t too sure where this business is going to go.

Invest in quality
Yes, quality customized images cost more than stock images or (gulp) taking the photos yourself. But, is your business not worth it? Photos are a business expense. Simple as that.

Having a professional photographer take customized photos of your staff and your products is the best investment you can make when it comes to images. Professional photos make products come to life. The photos will pay for themselves. How? People will be more likely to buy your products or contact you about services.

Not convinced? Glance through any real estate website. You can tell when a professional photographer was used. Real estate agents work on commission. They know what it takes to sell a product. Well, the good ones do at least.

We tell all our clients to use professional photos (we’ve got a guy if you need one) because we want clients to get as much success from their websites as possible, and we know how images play a role in that success.

Once you make the decision to get pro shots done, they are yours and you can use them anyplace — your website, your social media channels (Hello, Pintrest and Instagram!), signage, brochures, etc.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words. Choose what those words are going to be.

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