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16 May 2016

Make Your Words Work – Niteowl Creative

Research shows you only have 10 to 20 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention once they get to your website. If you manage to reel them in, they only have time to read one quarter of what’s on the page.

Does that make you nervous? If your website says something like “We are professionals that utilize only top-quality produts in our services to deliver top-quality deliverables,” you should be.

Why? Because there is a spelling mistake (for one) and two, it tells customers nothing about what your company does or offers.

Having a website that is error free, uses sentences that people actually say, and provides information in a clear and concise manner will go a long way in making customers trust you and want to learn more about your business.

Writing is challenging. And it can be time consuming if it’s not something you do on a daily basis. We are all good at something and if writing isn’t it for you, delegate that task to someone who is good at it. By “good at it” we mean someone who knows more than how to use Microsoft Word and the proper use of a period.  You want someone that can make you sound as smart to other people as you sound in your head.

If writing is something you love and you are good at it, here is some quick and dirty advice for crafting your own website copy.

  1. Make sure your grammar and spelling is correct.
  2. Don’t use jargon. Plain language works best.
  3. Big, long paragraphs will go unread.
  4. Don’t try to sound smart. Just be smart.
  5. Have someone read over your work when you’re done. And then read it over again. And again.

If you decide to DIY when it comes to your web words, remember this: your website is not just the virtual face of your business, it’s also the voice. What do you want your prospective customers and clients to hear?

At Niteowl Creative, we love working with clients to make their messages clear and their grammar correct. We love the web and want to help make it a better place, even if that’s one comma at a time. If you need some help, or want to see how we might be able to work with you, just give us a call ( 1-866-200-1161) or shoot us an email.


~ Niteowl Creative



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  • Shannon Chatfield p:

    Hello. Great advice and so short and to-the-point. I recently agonized over updating my website. I always find that it’s much harder to write about myself than to write about others. Do you notice this a lot? Or am I the only one? Also. it’s always a good idea to have a second pair of eyes to read over your content. I mean I’m pretty careful, but occasionally I find a typo only after reading over it several times. Thanks for the advice!

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