31 May 2017

Is your branding betraying you?

The main purpose of your branding is to identify and differentiate your product or service from others in the market. Your logo, your website, your Facebook page photos, your Twitter handle — this is what your audience is going to remember. What do they say about you?

Hopefully it’s that you’re awesome. But, maybe your branding elements are betraying you. Just like that mean girl who pretends to be your friend and then makes up rumours about you.

How do you know? Consider how well your brand’s personality is aligned with the images, colours and text you use to promote it. If camping gear is your product, for example, you want everything associated with it to evoke an outdoorsy feeling and sense of adventure.

If you think for a minute that the look and feel of your branding doesn’t make or break a product or service — think again.

Colour matters

People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products, according to an appropriately-titled study Impact of Color in Marketing,. About 62% to 90% of the assessment is based on colours alone.

Certain colours evoke different feelings. Black can be associated with death, but also with confidence and power. Blue is a sign of stability and reliability.

Don’t get us wrong. The colour of your logo or packaging isn’t the be all and end all, but it does matter more than you might initially think. Spend time considering what will resonate with your audience.

Know your audience

If you want your branding to hit the mark, you need to know what your audience likes. Back to the camping example: your target audience is a bit rugged, doesn’t mind getting dirty, and enjoys the outdoors. Stars, trees and mountains would work in a logo and in imagery, but maybe not if they are pink and sparkly. (Yes, we know you want to target women too but that doesn’t mean it has to be pink.)

In a nutshell, make sure the colours, images and even fonts you use fit the product or service you are selling. Niteowl Creative can make all your marketing assets — from digital to print — look amazeballs and ensure your branding and product/service are BFFs.

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