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13 Oct 2017

Get buzzed with good web design

Good web design is like good beer.

The first impression with any beer — despite what brewmasters might think — has nothing to do with the beer itself. People first notice the packaging and design. If you’re looking to try something new and you see a funky can or bottle with an intriguing logo, chances are you’re going to reach for that over the plain jane brew beside it.

And when it comes to web design, the same comparison can be made.

First impressions

You have seconds (literally three to five seconds) to grab the attention of a visitor to your website. Clearly, you need to have a decent product — or at least a sweet sales pitch — to convert people, but if their first impression of your business catches their eye, they will be more likely to look around.

Ask yourself these questions

Colour and smell

Okay, back to your beer — what’s the next thing you notice? Colour and smell.

People who are into beer really notice the colour, and often take a big whiff before they even take a sip. The colour and smell can give a good indication of the taste.

The colour and smell of your website is what people see when they stop for a minute and look around — the structure and organization, the headers and intro text. At first glance, does it seem that you have or can provide what they need? Should they bother looking past your homepage or go back to their Google search?

Good web design will put the “colour and smell” of your business up front.


The climax for any brewmaster is getting someone to take a drink of their carefully crafted brew. Taking a swig is the equivalent of someone diving in and using your website. They’re reading your blog, checking out your reviews and FAQ, using the contact form to get in touch or putting something in their cart.

But brewmasters and webmasters alike want people to do more than taste their beer or click on some links. They want people to come back for more.

When your website functions well, is eye catching and gives people the information they need, it’s like having a top-shelf beer that gives people a buzz just by looking at the can.

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