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11 Aug 2017

4 tips for better blogs

Blogging is a great marketing tool. It’s a way to keep your web content updated, which helps your SEO; it can help educate your clients on your products and services; and it forces you to think critically about your marketing efforts. 

But like anything else, there are good blogs and bad ones. We want our clients to have good ones, so here are some tips on how to make your blog posts more effective.

1. Remember the Rule of One

This means — one idea per sentence, one thought per paragraph and one overall point per blog post. 
The best way to do this is to sit down and really think about what the purpose of the post is. Who are you writing it for and what message do you want them to walk away with? 
Once you identify this, it will be easier to follow the Rule of One.

2. Be clear

This is easier said than done, we know. Think about using fewer words to get your point across. Don’t use a $3 word when a 10 cent one will do. Use everyday language and try to limit industry jargon when possible.

3. Be concise

While the nitty gritty of how your product is made or the process you use to deliver your services are important, they likely don’t need to be explained at length in a blog post. Tell people what they need to know, right now, that gets your point across. Don’t drown them in details. If they are interested or want to know more, they’ll let you know.

4. Be consistent

Decide how often you are going to post to your blog — maybe it’s monthly, maybe it’s weekly — and stick to it. Often what happens is people start out strong and have high expectations and then they realize how long writing takes, how hard it can be, or how busy they really are.

If followers come to your website each week for the latest home style trends, or latest running tips (or whatever it is your are educating them about) and then there is suddenly no fresh content, you will lose those people faster than you gained them. 

Fewer people viewing your blog means fewer people on your website. And this means fewer potential clients and customers.

We know writing isn’t everyone’s strength but, lucky for you, we have ourselves an excellent content writer who is happy to help you out with your blogging needs. Drop us a line, we’ll hook you up.

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