Digital Marketing Strategy & Competitor Analysis
21 Jul 2017

Dig into your competitors for better online results

Learning from others in your industry will improve your digital marketing strategy.

When you’re on your competitors’ Facebook pages do you ever wonder, “how the heck do they get that much engagement?” Or do you look at your own website statistics and wonder how you stack up against others in your industry?

If we told you that we could help you find out, would you want to know? The answer should be yes.

Understanding what others in your industry are doing online can help you with your overall digital marketing plan. When you know what others are doing well and why, you can adjust your marketing strategy in areas that aren’t working.

This does not mean stealing  ideas from your competitors or copying them, it means learning from them. If you think those at the top of your industry aren’t doing the same, you are mistaken.

How, you ask?

Well. Niteowl Creative has an exclusive group of hacker moles with GoPro cameras that we can uncage and set free within the offices of your biggest competitors. Joking. No really, we don’t do that…anymore.

What we can do though is run your social media channels, your website and those of others in your industry through some fancy online tracking tools. This will give us the data needed to modify and improve your online marketing strategy.

For example, these tools will tell you how well your Facebook posts are performing on average, the time of day that gets you the most engagement, even if your posts should be longer or shorter. And Facebook intelligence is just the tip of the iceberg.

Using these tools combined with our personal insight and skills, we can pinpoint the specific keywords that you should be using on your website, find out where your website traffic is coming from and how your SEO is shaping up overall. Basically, we catalogue all the online activity for your business and show you just how you compare to your competitors.

But the fun doesn’t stop there (what, this doesn’t sound like fun to you? We love this stuff). We’ll help you create a plan to take action on the results.

Why, you ask?

It’s easy for small businesses to fall into the status quo trap and accept things for what they are. If you’ve been putting the same marketing efforts in (or more) and are getting the same return, isn’t it time for a change? This is an instance where doing more with less is a bonus.

A competitor analysis can help you be more efficient and get the most from your digital marketing strategy.

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