Niteowl Creative Inc.

subscription pricing
09 Jun 2016

It happens from time to time. We have a few good ideas here and there, so we decided that we would share one with you. Subscription pricing for small businesses. We have dealt first hand with our marketing and the marketing of dozens of other clients for the past couple years. The one thing that […]

Online Marketing
21 Mar 2016

It’s here. It has been for a while but there are still a few people who seem to be struggling to stay on top. The rush to the top of the wave can take time, but with a strong steady stance you can get there and hang ten! Let’s talk online marketing. We’re talking about […]

Branding First Impressions
16 Mar 2016

Welcome to 2016 where the the majority of your audience is judging you based on how attractive your branding and design is. The first thing a visitor notices when they go to your website is the design, colours, and flow. You have three seconds to attract a visitor, otherwise they’re quite likely to move on […]

Application Development - Peterborough Ontario
20 Oct 2015

Developing Our First Application A CRM, Project Management, Invoicing and Inventory tool It’s been a great year for Niteowl Creative. From the start, we planned on growth. you always plan to grow. But unfortunately some businesses have difficulty growing. When Niteowl Creative was originally formed, I (Nick) had moved my freelance work into a newly […]

Websites are important!
20 May 2015

We hear it frequently, “We are looking for a great website for our business.” and this typically gets the heart racing a bit. Excitement starts flowing, and we start brainstorming about all the great things that our team at Niteowl Creative can offer, and then it hits. The new perspective client says “So, we have […]

Peterborough Chamber
31 Mar 2015

Being a new business it can be hard to find support. Part of being a new business means that you’re required to socialize, and make new friends or connections. This can be crucial to your success. Many cities or towns have memberships available where the local businesses can get together, meet, and be part of […]

30 Mar 2015

Time & time again I have heard “I get no ROI from social media & minimal from my website, there’s better things I can be investing my time in”. That’s like nails on a chalkboard to me, yet I hear A LOT of businesses saying that. They do ‘The Facebook’ which is linked to their ‘Tweeter […]

16 Jan 2015

Ecommerce Basics It starts out as a great adventure. You’re building your website, and excited about the possibilities of selling your products online, and struggle free. With all of the hard work you have put into creating the items, why wouldn’t everyone jump at the chance to make these purchases, right? Ecommerce can be tricky. […]

04 Dec 2014

The Digital Marketing Realm In this day and age there is more to marketing than the traditional methods. Instead of direct mailing, radio/tv advertisements; today’s business owners have been forced to jump into the digital marketing realm with little to no idea how to capitalize on this market. Every day there are new methods and […]

21 Nov 2014

Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) could be the single most important aspect of your website save for the design and user experience. The process in helping your visitors find your website is crucial to your online success and there are many factors to take into consideration with SEO. Let’s have a discussion about the factors […]