Application Development

Application Development

Niteowl Creative offers a wide range of application development options from database development using primarily MySQL and PHP, to Ruby on Rails developments. Application developments also include mobile development with iOS and Android application development but let’s explain a bit more.

Web Application Development

Every web application starts with a problem. Our clients come to us saying “we need to do this with our website”. The term in this sentence “this” could vary from anything between custom shopping carts to event booking systems. Some of our clients come to us without a clear vision of what they want, but an extremely vague explanation of what they wish to accomplish.

By the time you’re done with Niteowl Creative, you won’t have a difficulty explaining what you are looking to accomplish. We will help you define exactly what you are looking to accomplish, how you would like to do it and how you would like it to look.

From prototyping to final designs and testing. We help you to develop an application that belongs to you.

Mobile Application Development

Smartphones. They’re everywhere. Now everyone is looking to have their own applications for tracking the scores of the game, or messaging their friends, promotions and contests, and several other activities that are able to be completed on their mobile device.

Automation of SMS messaging, distribution of content and communication, and other useful tasks can all be completed with different variations of mobile development.

Website Development

Website design these days is more than just slapping together a welcome page with a contact form and calling it a day. These days there are several different platforms to consider. Responsive development is much like application development in the sense that your website will be responsive to the size and device you are viewing your website on.

Niteowl Creative offers a strong framework for responsive development to allow your visitors to view your content on any device desirable.

For more information on application development, please contact Niteowl Creative.