12 May 2017

3 tips to keep web projects on track and on budget

Technology has made us super impatient. We want things done now. Yesterday, really. When it comes to launching or relaunching your sparkly, new website it can feel like yesterday isn’t fast enough — are we right?

As the creators of those sites, we want projects to move along quickly as well. Here are three insider tips on how to keep projects on track and on budget.

1. Have a plan and stick to it

During the creation stage it’s fun to brainstorm about the functionality, the themes and images and debate the pros and cons of each. This moves from fun to annoying and costly once the wheels have been set in motion on a project.

Work with your agency team to come up with a clear plan of what the final project with look like and do. Make sure that all decision makers have signed off before work starts. Slight deviations from the plan can happen along the way, but make sure they are for the betterment of the project and not just for personal preference.

2. Appoint a Queen Bee

One of the biggest and disappointing budget burns is when the project manager has to spend time clarifying and confirming multiple requests because they are getting emails and phone calls from several people on the client’s end.

Make someone the Queen Bee and funnel all ideas, questions, concerns and requests through that person. This with allow the worker bees to spend the time on what matters most — the project — and less time playing a game of broken telephone. (We do love that game though, so if you want to play sometime over coffee — we’re in.)

3. Don’t miss your own deadlines

Typically, a web project will involve several people and all will have tasks to do. When one person doesn’t meet a deadline, it can have a domino effect on the rest of the project.

For example, if you deliver content three days late to your web team then that might delay the project more than a week. Most agencies have more than one project on the go at the same time (just like you do — which is likely why your content was late) and your content uploading might get bumped to the bottom of the queue because another project is being worked on.

Don’t get us wrong — we know that agencies and web people miss deadlines too. We aren’t proud of it, but it happens. The fix? Talk regularly about project status and the minute you even think you might miss a deadline let your agency know so they can plan around it. And expect the same from your agency.

Keep it real

At Niteowl we depend on our clients to brag to their friends about the great job we’ve done. We know that won’t happen if you’re stressed about a project or annoyed at us. Let’s both keep it real by sticking to the plan, using our point person and keeping each other in the loop.

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